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a bit about me:


I am an artist. My sanity sustains itself through my ability to thrive in the arts. Creating keeps me alive. I enjoy painting interesting people and I am often inspired by the weird. Typically I use acrylics on found materials such as windows, doors, or other layered surfaces. As long as I am painting and creating, I am one happy girl.


     Corryn Jackson has been painting since age nine. Originally from Milford, Michigan, she has spent a great deal of time travelling and moving, as well as creating. Jackson spent two years at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh studying Graphic Design, but eventually transferred to Eastern Michigan University in 2003. There, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration on Painting and double majoring in African American Studies. In 2007, she emerged onto the Detroit art scene and curated her first successful group show at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit. After a volunteer mission in Africa in 2009, Jackson moved to Chicago and launched a small alternative gallery space called Three Birds Gallery, which shared space with the vintage clothing boutique Lenny & Me. There, she curated a variety of shows and special events dedicated to local and emerging artists. Over the past 11 years Jackson has developed and executed frequent art shows and exhibits throughout the Midwest.     

      Jackson graduated from Wayne State University with a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling and art therapy. She resides in Dearborn Heights, Michigan where she continues her painting career, always looking for the next project or event to get involved with. Jackson has been focusing on community art engagement through mural work and other public art projects.

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